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bare 35a w connct

bare 35a w connct

Product Information
WHY pay more than you have to?

This MAC valve has the new heavier duty wires.The  older style valve   had brown thin wires,the new wires are black ,thicker and much more flexible and withstand heat better.

This is the same 3 port boost control used by many boost control manufacturers ,we buy in high volume from the same valve manufacturer as they do and it is the exact same valve ... minus the sticker and the inflated price!!!
Can be used as a 3 port or 2 port solenoid. All the Ports are 1/8 NPT so you can use any common fitting that you want including AN-adapters.  supplier of these valves,we don't want you to pay extra for something you don't need. If you want AN fittings email us and we can supply them.

This boost control solenoid  will not degrade from  rich fuel mixtures or oil . Very high life and very resistant to sticking from contamination. 

  • Leads are 18" long.
  •  12 volt DC , polarity not sensitive.
  • 5.4 watts
  • 10-90% duty cycle
  • 1/8" npt ports
  • compatible with many & most boost controllers and ECU's : AEM,Autronic,E-boost etc,Neptune, Hondata,ECtune.
  • operating range vacume to 120 psi.
  • This is an industrial quality valve, Autronic,e-boost and AEM have been using them for years on everything from rally cars to drag cars, there is a reason they use this valve, it is very durable and responsive.
  • Installation tips will be emailed to the purchaser as soon as the order is placed.
  • This valve can be driven by many stock ecu's as well as many aftermarket stand-alones and regular stand alone boost controllers. Much better than GM solenoids etc.
  • IT IS UP TO the PURCHASER to decide if this valve is suitable for it's intended use the seller will not be responsible for damage of any kind that may occur due to the use of this product!!! There are additional fees for INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING email us BEFORE ordering: If you do not email us first any international order will be cancelled.
 instructions and tips here:

FREE SHIPPING in the Domestic U.S.A
(international shipping costs more)

  Orders are normally received by  our customers in 2-3 days.
30 day warranty on items returned in non-abused condition. Item must be cosmetically perfect in order to be returned.
15% handling fee on returned items.
(these valves are all tested before they are shipped and they are very robust ,we have not had any returned to us ever!)

Price: $33.21

Product Code: 35-bare-w/cnct
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