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Boost Block

Boost Block

Product Information
Circuit Se7en's "Boost Block"
Was designed to be of  the highest quality at any price range (see features below).
This valve is the best value possible in a boost controller.

This high quality but no frills design in intended to allow the consumer to have a nice looking well made & long lasting  valve instead of making their own
or buying someone elses "hardware store" or home made product.  Sealing and durability is as good or better as ANY valve even high priced ones.
There is nothing to rust over time,and the valve seat has a ground finish.

Used to raise the and set the boost level on ALL turbocharged engines.

User takes all responsibility for the use of this product.

Designed by a mechanical engineer

Machined by a race fabricator

Right here in Colorado Springs, Colorado!          100% USA made


This is for ONE boost valve with two straight fittings that fit 3/16" (4mm ) Inside diameter hose,no mounting screws included.

(the valve configuration as shown in the foreground of the picture)


OR you can specify 1/4" straight fittings for the same price.


We show 4 other   valves with different fitting combinations in the picture, only so you can see the other fitting combinations.  Contact us if you would like different fittings with your valve.

Fittings available are (contact us):

  • Straight 3/16 "(4mm) barb   the valve comes with 2 of these   by default
  • Straight 1/4" barb
  • 90 degree SWIVEL 3/16", this one costs more but you can turn it to any direction.
  • Straight Quick connect (Push connect) fitting for 3/32" nylon tubing


We got tired of cheap or overpriced boost valves that did not last, or did not gate properly….so we designed our own!! We made it so the barbs are parallel instead of having sloppy hose routing that happens with 90 degree designs.

This is a clean no bling minimalist design with quality design,construction and materials.


GATED valve for fastest turbo spool up possible with your set-up . Many of the cheaper multicolored silver knob type  valves are just a needle valve which bleeds boost (slow spool). This valve is gated which means it does not open until just before the desired boost level  is reached, this keeps the waste gate from creeping open to provide fastest spool.

Some low quality boost controllers have a needle valve and then an  "afterthought" gated "T" fitting, these are less clean of an installation AND the gate is not adjustable, it is just set at a low level ,this does not get you the fastest spool for your boost set point. Our gate automatically adjusts when the main boost level is adjusted for quickest spool up.


Configurable plumbing! For NEAT hose routing.

  • In-line (with optional fittings)
  • Parallel
  • Accepts 10-32 swivel fittings
  • 3/16" (4mm) or 1/4" barbs available
  • Hi-tech push to connect quick fittings available
  • Nickel plated brass fittings standard specify 3/16 or 1/4"
  • ALL parts are corrosion resistant  other valves us spring  steel (not stainless) and just chrome plated balls that rust over time.
    • Billet Aluminum body  (not pot metal like the cheaper ones), Black anodized.
    • 18-8 stainless steel Spring 
    • Stainless adjustment shaft , other valves use black oxide shafts that rust over time!
    •  Borosilicate valve element
    • Stainless locking collar
    • Nickel plated Brass barbs
  • Clean design not hardware store parts
  • Fine thread adjustment shaft for fine boost  adjustments
  • Lock ring will never loose adjustment.
  • Full length spring for accurate adjustments and proper seating (flat coil ends)
  •   (some other boost controllers use a cut spring because they can't fit a full length one in the brass hardware style home made controller)
  • Coined (for seat hardness and shape) AND 6 micron diamond honed seat for best sealing and long life)  Most valves only have a rough machined seat, WE do two extra machining operations.
  • We use a Borosilicate valve element because it is harder,smoother (best seal) and does not corrode. It is also lighter than steel or stainless steel . Lighter means the spring & seat last forever AND the response is extremely fast.
  • Fittings with Barbs that hold to over 60 psi (that's all our test gauge went up to)- even without clamps, we do recommend some time of clamp for bullet proof installation (heat shrink gives a nice clean look)
  • OH my , it even has mounting holes!!!  And we sized the hole so you can tap in 10-32 if you want.Pre drilled to correct size for tap, just run the tap through it. Or you can use it as a through hole for #6 screws.
  • Lightweight billet Aluminum body not hardware store brass or  cast pot metal  (commonly available in different bling colors.)
  • Basically we are selling a higher quality valve for less, both in terms of design AND materials !!!

  Orders are normally received by  our customers in 2-3 days.
30 day warranty on items returned in non-abused condition. Item must be cosmetically perfect in order to be returned.
15% handling fee on returned items.
(these valves are all tested before they are shipped and they are very robust ,we have not had any returned to us ever!)

Price: $27.00

Product Code: BB-1
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